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This site is managed by Web-Resol, a non profit NGO, dedicated to the dissemination of information related to the environment, sanitation and, more specifically, solid waste management.

It provides free access and research within a wide range of information about solid wastes and waste management, which may help the Latin American and Caribbean technicians and institutions responsible for the waste management to obtain a better acting of its daily tasks and a better planning of its services in the medium and long term, in order to offer to the population better conditions of health and life quality.

We appreciate your participation in this project and you may send us information about any of the topics of this homepage through the forms you find inside it (.: Send Us Your Information) or to the following address:

  • Head Office

    Travessa Alexandre Ferreira, 15 - sala 313 - parte.
    Cep: 28800-000
    Rio Bonito/RJ - Brasil

  • Rio Office

    Rua dos Parecis, 15,
    Cep: 22241-180
    Cosme Velho - Rio de Janeiro/RJ - Brasil
    E-mail .: web-resol@web-resol.org